• Investor, Lender, Borrower Advisory

               Buy, Sell, Hold Decisioning

               Capital Structure Optimization

                    Senior / Subordinate

                    Secured / Unsecured

                    Preferred / Common Equity

  • Real Estate Exposure Asset Management

               Ownership Structures



                    Joint Ventures

               Asset Types

                    Projects (all property types)


                    Loans / Securities

                    Senior / Subordinate

                    Secured / Unsecured

  • ​Domestic and International Jurisdictions

special situations Capabilities

Our Services

  • Impact of Key Risks & Mitigating Factors

                    Stage of Market Cycle

                    Capital Markets Volatility

                    Asset-Specific Characteristics

                    Credit Analysis

                    Documentation Review

                    Transaction Structure / Covenants


  • Transaction Negotiation & Support

               Purchase and Sale Agreements

               Term Sheets

               Loan Agreements

               Leases / Non-Disturbance Agreements

               JV Operating Agreements


  • De-risking Strategies
  • Troubled Asset Workouts

               Defaulted Notes

               Non-Performing Loans


  • Restructuring

  • Recapitaliztion

  • Bankruptcy Resolution Support

  • Administration of Asset Sales Process

  • Adverse Negotiations

  • Evaluation of Third Party Reports


               Feasibility Analysis

               Environmental Assessment

               Property Condition Report

Risk Management & Transaction Support

advisory, Capital Formation & asset management Services